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Virtual Tour

While we greatly enjoy offering in-person tours and walkthroughs, we recognize that it may not always be possible for you to visit us in person. Whether it's due to distance or simply needing a refresher on our layout, we've got you covered. Explore our immersive Matterport© virtual tour, where you can navigate through our entire campus from the comfort of your own space. Feel free to take measurements and get a comprehensive understanding of our studio setup.

Virtual Tour


Unleash your potential in a space that celebrates the beauty of the creative spirit. Your future masterpiece awaits at Optimist Studios.

  • 10,936 SQ FT

    A spacious industrial-style gallery with white walls and high ceilings, featuring a large blank white cyclorama on the right side and a concrete floor.
  • 6,000 SQ FT

    An expansive studio with a glossy black floor and curved blue cyclorama under a grid of ceiling-mounted studio lights.
  • 1,000 SQ FT

    A modern studio with vibrant green cyclorama for chroma key effects, featuring overhead lighting fixtures on a dark ceiling and a concrete floor.
  • 850 SQ FT

    An empty photography studio with white walls and ceiling, featuring an HVAC duct, electrical panel, and concrete floor.
  • 9,800 sq ft

    A modern conference room with a long table and chairs, glass walls, and a view into a workspace with desks and computers.
  • UP TO 250 GUESTS

    An outdoor patio area with wooden decking, contemporary furniture, a fire pit, and palm trees under a clear blue sky.
  • UP TO 150 PEOPLE

    A spacious industrial-style gallery with white walls, high ceilings with exposed ductwork, and a minimalist bar area illuminated by a modern circular light fixture.
  • Turnkey podcast solution

    A podcast studio setup with two large softbox lights and a camera on a tripod, focusing on two people sitting on a couch against a backdrop with vertical tube lights.
  • Green, Clean, and Quiet

    A black generator trailer with the 'Optimist Studios' logo parked in front of a building with large windows and palm trees.