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A spacious indoor studio with a curved blue cyclorama wall and ceiling rigging for stage lighting.

Studio A

5,849 SQ FT

Introducing Studio A, our premier space designed for maximum versatility. With its expansive layout and minimalist design, Studio A serves as the ultimate blank canvas for your creative vision. Here, there are no constraints or limitations—only endless opportunities to bring your ideas to fruition. Featuring a remarkable 21’ truss clearance, Studio A provides ample vertical space to accommodate ambitious productions.
Additionally, equipped with three truck loading docks, logistical challenges are seamlessly addressed, ensuring smooth and efficient operations for your team. The studio boasts stunning 270° backdrops in green, blue, and white, offering a range of options to set the perfect scene for your project. Welcome to a space where the possibilities are as vast as your creativity.
Please schedule a tour to see Studio A for yourself.