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An expansive white cyclorama wall within a spacious studio with industrial white ceilings and ductwork, designed for professional photography and video productions.

Studio X

10,936 SQ FT

Studio X stands as a beacon of creativity and innovation, offering a sprawling space designed to inspire and facilitate the boldest of visions. With a generous area spanning 10,936 square feet, this studio boasts an expansive layout that provides ample room for creative exploration.

Suite X provides a haven of relaxation and preparation for talent and crew alike. Additionally, four versatile conference rooms or production offices offer spaces for brainstorming sessions or administrative tasks, ensuring efficiency and collaboration. The studio's open floorplan living kitchen serves as the hub of activity, fostering connections and fueling creativity with its welcoming atmosphere.

Moreover, Studio X prioritizes convenience and accessibility with essential amenities such as multiple stall restrooms for both men and women, ensuring comfort for all occupants. With a total of 12 parking spaces available and the option for additional parking, logistical concerns are effortlessly addressed, allowing guests to focus solely on their creative endeavors. Meanwhile, reliable internet connectivity of 50mbps, with the option to upgrade to 1GB, ensures seamless
communication and access to online resources. As for power needs, Suite X offers an impressive house power capacity of 1800 amps, with two drops available, providing the necessary energy to bring projects to life.

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